GUEST FOR TUESDAY, December 1st AT 7:30PM – Carole Richards, North coast education services and creative education institute

For the past 24 years Carole Richards has devoted her energies to providing the very best education services possible to children and adults in Northeast Ohio through North Coast Education Services (NCES), companies that have provided in-home tutoring services focarolerichardsr thousands of area children.

Over 300 tutors, teaching a broad range of subjects, assist children and adults in seven Northeast Ohio counties. NCES additionally offers basic math and reading skill classes throughout the year and a summer camp for students with learning differences. As President and Executive Director of North Coast Education Services, Carole has developed an outstanding reputation as an educator and problem-solver.

Our tutors teach a broad range of subjects; provide individual instruction for special needs students; offer basic math and reading skills instruction, and participate in our summer camp program for students with learning disabilities. Many students enjoy dramatic and tremendously successful results from their learning experiences with our fine NCES tutors.

Carole Richards’ professional work with learning disabled students has led to a strong understanding of their needs and a deep commitment to improving their education. She is the author of much acclaimed RICHARDS READ Systematic Language program. This successful reading program uses proven multi-sensory methods to teach language arts. This method really works because it teaches children and adults TO READ.

For her achievements as author of RICHARDS READ, Carole was honored as a recipient of the NorTech Award for Innovation. She has been recognized as one Cleveland’s Top Ten Woman Business Owners (NAWBO), Carole received the Ten Top Ten Award from COSE, and was presented the President’s Award by the National Tutoring Association. Carole has been nominated for the internationally recognized Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education. She is interviewed regularly on radio and television, and is a frequent speaker to local, regional and national organizations.